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Frequently asked questions

  • keyboard_arrow_right How can I track the current location of my package?
    To track your package, enter your package tracking code into the search field on the website. This code contains 10 numbers, it starts and ends with letter symbols. Example of a tracking code UTEC Eхpress - UTECP1234567891YQ.
  • keyboard_arrow_right I received a text message. What should I do?
    Our company informs its customers about location of their packages:
    • we send out the first text message as soon as your package is delivered by the seller to our warehouse in China. This text message offers you a chance to change delivery address or receiver’s contact information, if needed. Or you can confirm the information provided at the time of placing order on the seller’s website;
    • we send out the second text message when we transfer your package from our warehouse in Kyiv to the warehouse of Nova Poshta, which performs delivery within Ukraine. This text message includes the waybill number of Nova Poshta that would let you track your package using the Nova Poshta website.
  • keyboard_arrow_right I check the waybill number on the Nova Poshta website and see the status “awaiting package”. What does it mean?
    When we transfer your package to Nova Poshta to be shipped in Ukraine, it receives a waybill number and you receive a text message with this number. This waybill number is marked on Nova Poshta website as “Awaiting package”. It means that the package is not at Nova Poshta warehouse yet. The status is changed within 1 work day when the package arrives at Nova Poshta warehouse to be sorted.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Is Nova Poshta delivery in Ukraine paid?
    Our company pays for delivery to the Nova Poshta department or courier address delivery. If a customer changes delivery address after the package is transferred to Nova Poshta, then the customer pays for delivery to the new address.
  • keyboard_arrow_right I received a text message with a request to specify the delivery address, but I can’t follow the link. What should I do?
    Our company gives its customers a chance to change the delivery address or receiver’s contact information even after placing the order. Sometimes our customers want to change the delivery address or failed to provide complete contact information when placing the order.
    If you need to make changes:
    • please, make sure that you have a steady internet connection and try again;
    • when you follow the link, you will get to the page with fields for data. You simply need to fill in the fields with correct information and confirm new information;
    • if the link still does not work, please, submit a request for data correction on the website or contact our representative on the phone 0800217985, and they will make the required changes. If making changes over the phone, you will be asked to provide the package tracking code.
    If you do not need to make changes:
    • all packages are delivered to the addresses specified by customers at the time of placing an order. It is important that receiver’s contact information and address are provided in full. If you failed to provide complete information when placing the order, it is best to contact our representatives over the phone 0800217895 and specify information.

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